1. What is  sale’s funnel ?

A sales funnel is for the potential customer, which motivates a natural customer to buy something.

There are many stages of the sales funnel, which are known in the market as the top, middle and floor. These stages may vary from company to company.

  • Why is important sale’s funnel ?

The sales funnel helps you to understand what stage your prospective customer is in, what they are thinking and doing. This kind of helps you create insight, the right marketing activity and channel investment, creating the best and most effective contextual message at every stage. Which increases the chances of paying the potential customer.

  • What’s  are sale’s funnel stages ?

               Until a potential customer knows your product, they are passing through your sales funnel until they buy your product.

With this type of funnel, you can convert one possibility into another. But, they will evaluate in the end as per their interest. They will find a solution to their problem so that it can be ensured that what you have to offer can solve their problem.


Step 1: – Awareness

“Awareness” comes first in the sales funnel phase, this is where people start getting to know about your product. People are aware about your product by social media or advertising.

People come to your sales funnel depending on your sales and marketability. You should focus more on the middle and lower stage customer

Stage 2 :-  Intrest

When people go about your brand, it will be decided according to their interest. Your product may or may not solve any of their problems.

Stage : – decision

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