Visualization is one such process. In which we see a new world in our mind with our mind. In which we think about everything that we want to achieve in our life. When we think of something, then the pattern of that work becomes in our mind, then we do that work, then we can do that work easily.

visulaization for music

Music is an important part of our life, music brings a different joy in our life, music controls our emotion, whenever we listen to music, our gestures change. Whenever we hear a sad song, we also become sad. If we listen to a song with high energy, then our energy also becomes high.

When we think something, then we add music to it, then our emotions also get added to that idea.

soft and classical music is the best music.

 visualization meditation: –

Meditation calms our mind, this process helps us a lot in getting into our deep meditation. When we are in deep meditation then it becomes easier to program our brain. Whatever we think in deep meditation, all that thought goes directly into our subconscious mind.

Whenever we connect our imitation with our Witcher then our thoughts become stronger and the parity of our thoughts increases up to 1000 times.

We need to keep our thoughts always positive, we should come to have complete confidence in our thoughts.
1% doute means 100% doute

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